Farting and grumbling: This is what travelers find the worst on the plane

Farting and grumbling
Travelers find this the worst on planes

Relaxing on a plane isn’t always easy.

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Travelers often get annoyed with their fellow passengers on planes: a recent survey has found out what causes the most stress.

A farting dog on a plane just made headlines around the world: A New Zealand couple who sat next to the drooling and farting four-legged friend on a Singapore Airlines flight received a refund of the equivalent of around 1,500 euros, according to The Straits Times newspaper. It might not be that easy if human fellow travelers are flatulent – although a lot of people seem to be upset about that too.

81 percent of Germans believe that farting on a plane is an absolute no-go. The travel search engine Kayak has this in a survey of 1,000 German vacationers determined. The phenomenon even has its own name: “Boeing belly”. Above the clouds, the reduced air pressure simply creates more flatulence. However, there are a few things that the surveyed travelers on board find even worse than their neighbors’ intestinal gases:

This behavior doesn’t go down well on the plane

According to the survey, 85 percent consider rude behavior towards cabin crew to be unacceptable. 83 percent find it objectionable when other passengers cough or sneeze without covering their mouth or nose. Taking pictures of other passengers without being asked is also not acceptable for 82 percent. For 81 percent, popping pimples is also a no-go.

On the other hand, there are apparently also a lot of tolerant fellow passengers on planes: According to the survey, 27 percent think it’s normal to take off their socks on the plane and 23 percent say that cutting fingernails on board is okay. 21 percent even think it’s okay to watch violent films or those with clearly adult content above the clouds.

The dispute over the backrests

A common annoyance on an airplane is the backrest of the person in front of you. For many travelers, whether you can adjust your backrest backwards obviously depends on the circumstances. According to Kayak, 45 percent say it’s only okay if you ask the person behind you. 24 percent are of the opinion that this is always okay. 14 percent each say that adjusting the backrest is only OK if the person in front of you does it too or if it is a night flight. For three percent, adjusting is never okay.

And who has power over the window blind? Most (44 percent) say that all passengers in the row of seats are allowed to decide. 39 percent only grant this right to the person with the window seat.


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