Fans ran into Johnny Depp this weekend

He came to the Deauville Festival and he did not disappoint. Johnny Depp spoke for over an hour about his career for a
exciting meeting where we believed to lose several fans on the verge of fainting as soon as the actor spoke a few words in French.

“I don’t like the word fan. I consider the people who enjoy my work to be my employers and the studios should too! », He struck in front of an enthusiastic audience. If Johnny Depp has, as expected, attracted a crowd of moviegoers, other nice surprises lit up this very sunny first weekend.

Everything for Johnny

Many waited hours to catch a glimpse of Johnny Depp. Alex, 29, had even made the look of the star. “I like the idea of ​​looking like him” he confided to 20 minutes. The lucky ones who were able to enter the room forgave the delay of nearly an hour of the actor so much of the latter was as funny as he was generous to speak in particular of Tim Burton and his hair in disarray. “For our first meeting before
Edward Scissorhands, we drank so much coffee that I chewed on my spoon! Tom Cruise was then in contention for the role of Edward. According to John Depp, he would undoubtedly have done it very well in another register, but the case collapsed when he expressed the wish that the character end the film with a normal head and hands.

“He also returned to his character of Jack Sparrow dans Pirates of the Caribbean. “Initially, the studio wanted to cut my role because the executives did not understand what I was doing or what I was saying. One of the producers even asked me if Sparrow was crazy or gay. “The actor answered her tit for tat that she should know that all her characters are gay. Today, Johnny Depp admitted to having tired of a Hollywood where he is not. It was to a thunderous applause that he left the room jostling a bodyguard to give a selfie to a fan (sorry an “employer”).

Oliver Stone, Dylan Penn and the others

Oliver Stone was very upset when he met the audience when he came to present JFK The Inquiry where he accuses the CIA of having ordered the murder of the former president of the United States. “I am 75 years old and I am still angry”, he declared before announcing that the “French are the vassals of the United States”.

Calmer, Dylan penn, star of Flag Day, directed by her father Sean Penn, was beaming to receive the Rising Talent Award intended to encourage the career of a young Hollywood star. “Receiving an award is brand new to me,” she told 20 minutes. Even in the gym at school, I was so bad I never won anything. “

Yellow vests, a pig and a pornstar

The fun was also in the rooms. The excellent
The divide by Catherine Corsini, takes the spectator to a crowded hospital after a demonstration of yellow vests. This highly acclaimed work was part of the “L’Heure de la Croisette” section featuring films from Cannes. Pig by Michael Sarnoski made festival-goers cry by offering a moving role to Nicolas Cage as a hermit in search of the truffle sow that was stolen from him, an improbable pitch for a beautiful film.

As for PleasureNinja Thyberg, he kept all his promises by following an actress dreaming of succeeding in the cinema X. Explicit scenes and psychological violence have earned him a move to Deauville with a ban for under 18s. We can’t wait for the rest of the Festival for other good surprises.

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