Family discovers black bears hibernating under their home

‘Snoring-like noises’: Family discovers five bears hibernating in the basement under their house

When searching for the origin of unknown snoring noises, a black bear family was found that was hibernating (symbolic photo)

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Five black bears hibernated under a residential building for months. The residents had no idea.

A California family spent last winter trying to figure out strange noises. These sounded a little like snoring, as reported by the Guardian in the UK. While searching for the origin, the family discovered that five bears had chosen to hibernate under the family home.

The Bear League group, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving bear habitat and helping bears in need – primarily in the Lake Tahoe Basin region of California – reported the amazing event last week incident of the family.

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Black bear mother with four children

In a Facebook post, the group describes how a mother bear, along with three of her own cubs and an adopted orphan, decided to spend the winter in the crawl space under an apartment building.

“It was a house that people lived in and they thought they heard a strange rumbling, snoring-like noise, but ignored it because it just didn’t make sense… and the neighbors said they were imagining it because they heard nothing about it,” the Bear League group summarizes in their Facebook post, adding: “The bear family woke up and prepared to move out of the house, and the people in the house could no longer ignore that with very high probability of having found bears under their house.”

The unnamed residents contacted the Bear League, who helped guide the bear family into the forest and ensure that the human family in the home would also remain safe in the future and that such rentals would not be repeated.

Source: “Guardians”


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