Family.Cards is intended to allow seniors to (continue to) participate in digital life

In the start-up area “4 Years From Now” (4YFN) of the MWC this year, the company Generation Reach from Berlin is presenting its system “Family.Cards“, which can be used to access digital content on the television and make video calls without the need for a remote control, a touchscreen or even navigating through menus. Family.Cards is intended for seniors who are otherwise overwhelmed by the operation of entertainment electronics are.


However, it shouldn’t take four years until it’s available; According to the manufacturer, the system will come onto the market in three months.

The basic system of Family.Card consists of an Android box with the manufacturer’s software, an RFID reader and a webcam. In addition, there are the eponymous cards that trigger various functions when they are placed on the RFID reader. In the demonstration, for example, one card started a video with movement exercises, while another could be used to watch an episode of the series “Lucky Hank” on MagentaTV – provided you have a corresponding subscription to the streaming provider. The latter is no coincidence: Family.Cards can also be used with Telekom’s official streaming box.

The content is accessed on the television by placing the corresponding card on the insertion device. Some Family.Cards lead to Telekom offers.

(Image: c’t / Nico Jurran)

There are also individualized cards that show, for example, a photo of a relative. Thanks to appropriate programming of the card by Generation Reach, such a Family.Card then initiates a video call to the person pictured. The manufacturer uses WhatsApp in the MWC demo, but Threema should also be available as an alternative.

According to Generation Reach, the hardware will be available for a total of 189 euros, plus a monthly subscription fee of 14 euros. Each card also costs 9 euros.


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