Fall fashion trends not to be missed in 2021

Fall fashion trends
The perfect combination of sporty and elegant: autumn 2021 is so stylish

Fall fashion trends: why checked patterns, knitted trousers and hoodies are indispensable in 2021

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Nature is changing and autumn is slowly announcing itself. Fashion is also on the move and offers plenty of inspiration with the autumn fashion trends in 2021 as well.

The trend colors of the year 2021 “Illuminating” and “Ultimate Gray” are also included in autumn. There are also muted colors such as beige and pastel tones. In autumn 2021, many layers can also be worn on top of each other again. No wonder that the popular layered look is the best style remedy for the cold. The looks are strikingly sporty and elegant, the blazer is combined with a hoodie and the knitted pants with a blouse. You can find inspiration for successful autumn styles here.

Fall fashion trend 2021: pleated skirts

Of course, skirts are not only suitable for warm temperatures in summer. As soon as it gets cooler, the skirts get longer and can be perfectly combined with a knitted sweater or shirt blouse. In autumn 2021 are Pleated skirts especially popular. The folds of the skirt give the garment structure and recognition. The following applies: the wider the skirt, the narrower the top should be. Wear, for example, a plump blouse with a tight-fitting pleated skirt and a delicate lingerie top with a short cardigan for the flared version.

Fall fashion trend 2021: hoodies and blazers

Clothing should always be comfortable and make the person wearing it feel good. But this is all the more important in autumn, because uncomfortable weather is much easier to bear if you can cuddle up comfortably. What better way to do that than in a stylish way Hoodie? In autumn 2021, however, the sporty item of clothing will be elegantly presented. Combine a blazer with a hoodie. Tip: Choose either one or two sizes larger than normal or go for one Oversize blazerso that the hoodie has enough space underneath and the look remains cozy.

Fall fashion trend 2021: knitted trousers

This trend currently adorns many legs, because knitted trousers can be seen everywhere. Anyone who thinks that knitted trousers are only suitable for the cozy homewear look at home is far from it. Combined differently, the knitted pants can look very stylish. It is best to wear an elegant top with casual knitted trousers that fall wide at the bottom. It could be a cropped blouse or a cropped cardigan. It is important that the top is narrower than the wide trousers.

Fall fashion trend 2021: link chains

Accessories should not be missing from the fashion trends for 2021. Jewelry is rough this year, which means cool link chains adorn the necklines. The same applies to the wrist, where you can often see link bracelets. The accessory can be easily combined and worn in the popular layering style. Means that you can wear a coarse link chain with a delicate chain on top of each other, two link chains of different sizes are also conceivable.

Fall fashion trend 2021: checked pattern

The checked pattern was already one of the most popular patterns in winter 2020. In autumn 2021, the trend pattern is therefore indispensable. The pattern often adorns popular shakets, Coats and shirts. Meanwhile, the look is much more than the lumberjack cliché, because checked patterns can be styled both as a casual leisure look and as an elegant evening outfit.

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