Faced with the vaccination obligation, 522 caregivers file two appeals

Gathered in the “Collective Caregivers 06”, 522 members of the hospital staff of the Alpes-Maritimes lodged, through lawyer Jérôme Campestrini, two appeals against the decree of August 7, relating to the compulsory vaccination of caregivers. The first is to suspend it, the second to cancel it.

Based on information from Nice morning, the lawyer will also have to take care of a hundred files, transmitted by the collective, of people suspended since September 15 and the application of the law on the compulsory vaccine for the health personnel.

Me Jérôme Campestrini refers to European and French laws which establish rules about a drug in the experimental phase. Thus, only people able to have free and informed consent can receive it. For vaccines placed on the market, their final report will only be submitted within one or two years. “We cannot condition access to a job by forcing vaccination,” the lawyer told the local daily.

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