Faced with drought, you wonder if it is necessary to fill your pool? tell us

Spring is here and with it the time to fill private swimming pools. Problem, the drought is rife and the water tables are at their lowest. The lack of water awaits. While awareness-raising actions on our own water management and savings are increasing, prefectural alerts and water restrictions are raining down, should we be “ashamed” of having a swimming pool at home?

Do you have a swimming pool and are you wondering if it makes sense to fill it? Are you going to try to do it, despite the ban? Is this a source of tension in your city, in your village, within your family or in your circle of friends? What measures are you taking or will you take to try to save water? Should you swim in a half-empty swimming pool or in the end simply give up on your pool to transform it into a skate park?

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