Extremism: Attorney General determined after SEK operation in Boxberg

Federal Public Prosecutor determined after SEK operation in Boxberg

Various pieces of evidence in the form of weapons were secured during the SEK operation in Boxberg. Photo: Christoph Schmidt/dpa

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After the exchange of fire in the house of a so-called Reich citizen, officials found weapons of war, ammunition and Nazi objects. Now it is determined in Karlsruhe.

The Attorney General has taken over the investigation of the alleged “Reichsbürger” who is said to have shot a police officer in Boxberg (Tauberfranken).

This was confirmed on Saturday by a spokeswoman for the Federal Prosecutor’s Office in Karlsruhe. Südwestrundfunk had previously reported on it.

The Attorney General is investigating because of the “special importance of the matter,” said the spokeswoman. She didn’t want to give details; the investigations continued.

Last Wednesday, a special task force wanted to search a building in the Main-Tauber district. It was about the suspicion of illegal possession of weapons. According to the police, the 54-year-old suspect opened fire and injured a SEK officer.

Charge: Attempted murder with bodily harm

The public prosecutor’s office in Mosbach accuses the detainee, who is in custody, of attempted murder with bodily harm and of illegal possession of a weapon of war. He can be assigned to the “Reichsbürger” scene. Even before the police operation, the Baden-Württemberg State Office for the Protection of the Constitution had him in their sights. The officers found weapons of war, ammunition and Nazi objects in his house.

So-called Reich citizens deny the legitimacy of the Basic Law and the authorities. They do not recognize the Federal Republic of Germany as a state. Instead, they claim that the German Empire continues to this day. For example, they refuse to comply with official orders, pay taxes or fines and threaten police officers and bailiffs. They are often on the road with invented ID cards or license plates.


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