Extensions of the storm “Ida”: Several dead after heavy rain in New York

Status: 02.09.2021 12:30 p.m.

Several people were killed in the massive storm in the New York area. Some were locked in flooded cellars. Thousands of households are without electricity.

The New York metropolitan area has been hit by severe flooding after heavy rain. The number of dead has now risen to nine. NBC television reported that at least four people in New York City were trapped in flooded basements and did not survive. Fatalities are also reported from the neighboring state of New Jersey, which is also affected by the foothills of the tropical storm “Ida”.

The heavy rain turned streets into rivers at lightning speed, and some people stood knee-deep in the water. Around 5300 households are without electricity. A state of emergency has been declared for the metropolis and the entire state of New York.

“Historic Storm” in New York

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio spoke of a “historic storm”. He urged citizens to stay at home, keep the streets clear for emergency vehicles and, above all, stay away from the subway. The subway operation is extremely limited, in the meantime all subway lines had to shut down – many people were stuck in the wagons.

State of emergency declared: at least eight dead after storms in New York

Heribert Roth, ARD New York, daily news 5:00 p.m., September 2, 2021

Heavy rain since records began

It was the heaviest rain since records began in New York City: Within just an hour, around 80 millimeters of rain fell in Central Park in Manhattan, according to the National Weather Service. These values ​​are well above the previous record of 49 millimeters in 60 minutes, which – set up in the course of the tropical storm “Henri” – was only around a week old. So far, summer 2021 is the rainiest in New York history.

A video by UNICEF spokesman Joe English showed Queens Boulevard in the district of the same name, which was so flooded that passengers on a public bus had to get on the seats. Even in a subway station, water penetrated with the force of a spring tide, as pictures showed.

US Open games postponed

The extreme weather also hit the US Open, which is currently taking place, and the German tennis player Angelique Kerber, whose game has been postponed. In the Louis Armstrong Stadium, in which Kerber was to play her second round match against Anhelina Kalinina from Ukraine on Wednesday evening, it rained so heavily from the side, despite the roof, that the game had to be suspended indefinitely.

The tournament grounds in Flushing Meadows were partially flooded, meaning that thousands of visitors either had to seek shelter or wade through the water.

Nothing works at the US Open anymore. The rain was so heavy that the tennis tournament had to be stopped.

Image: EPA

Millions of people in Louisiana without electricity

“Ida” had previously hit the Gulf coast with hurricane force. According to the latest counts, six people were killed there. Entire towns have been devastated, the damage runs into the billions. Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards asked for relief supplies and assistance for millions of people affected by power outages, as well as for about 600,000 people who also have no access to drinking water.

US President Joe Biden wants to get an idea of ​​the situation on Friday. “Ida” brings back memories of Hurricane “Katrina”, which wreaked havoc on the city of New Orleans 16 years ago. Around 1,800 people died at that time.

State of emergency after record rain – New York under water

Antje Passenheim, ARD New York, September 2, 2021 4:45 p.m.

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