Exit Advent calendar 2022: These 10 calendars challenge puzzle fans

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This is how you shorten the waiting time until Christmas with a tricky exit advent calendar

Exit Advent calendars offer 24-day challenges for puzzle fans

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The anticipation of Christmas is great every year. If you want to celebrate them, you can shorten the waiting time with advent calendars. Why are tricky exit advent calendars trending again this year? Puzzle fans know the answer.

Do you also like the Advent season so much? After all, she is relaxed and exciting at the same time. When the countdown to Christmas Eve begins on December 1st, Christmas enthusiasts open the first door of their Advent calendar. Treats, erotic toys or other surprises can be found behind the doors. Exit Advent calendars serve the element of surprise like no other calendar. Exciting puzzles are hidden behind 24 little doors, in 24 boxes or on 24 pages, which puzzle fans want to solve. Here you can see at a glance what the 2022 selection has to offer.

1. “The Hunt for the Golden Book”

The “Hunt for the Golden Book” is an exit game and adventure story in one. You go on the trail of a thief in a remote mountain village. Strange things are happening in this lonely place, objects disappearing and reappearing somewhere else. A new puzzle awaits behind 24 little doors every day. The advent calendar is suitable for adults or families with children aged ten and over.

2. “The Hotel of a Thousand Eyes”

This escape room game is different because it comes in a handy book form. In each chapter of “The Hotel of a Thousand Eyes” hides a tricky exit puzzle that leads to the next chapter. There are 24 double pages to cut out. You receive an invitation to an abandoned hotel in the mountains and must play a game of life and death in a race against time.

3. “Galileo Escape Game Advent Calendar”

Of the “Galileo Escape Game Advent Calendar” suitable for children from eight years of age. Unlike classic advent calendars, this exit advent calendar becomes an interactive game with 24 puzzles to be solved by Christmas.

4. “Exit Advent Calendar Pro”

Be careful because this one “EXIT Advent Calendar Pro” aimed at the masters of this craft. 52 puzzle cards guide you through the adventure in the historical museum. Spontaneous leaps in time and tricky tasks included. Only those who solve the riddle of the day will find out behind which symbol the next day’s room is located.

5. “The Gateway to the Magical World”

“Gateway to Magical World” is intended to test the knowledge of “Harry Potter” fans. While it’s not an official calendar of the popular Harry Potter books, the magical story is said to be inspired by the wizarding world. Fans go for a walk in the forest, but the right way out of the forest is unclear. The adventure is suitable for puzzle fans aged twelve and over.

6. “An insane game”

At the escape advent calendar “An insane game” it is also a book. To solve the 24 puzzles, pages must be cut out. The story deals with Benedict, who seems to be trapped in the darkness in a steel tomb. There is only an escape if all the puzzles can be solved by Christmas Eve.

7. “The Dire Prophecy”

Another exit advent calendar in book form. “The Dire Prophecy” is good for beginners. Only those who solve the riddle of the day can decode and continue reading the following chapter. You have to cut out, draw, fold and tear, then the project will succeed.

8. “The Mysterious Ice Cave”

Can you also solve particularly tricky puzzles? Only then are you ready for “The Mysterious Ice Cave”. Combination skills and logical thinking are a must for this. You can solve the puzzles alone or in a team. A relaxed ski holiday in the mountains takes an ugly turn. On the last descent, you are surprised by an avalanche and escape into an icy cave. Inside are strange ice sculptures. What’s it all about?

9. “Professor Charlie’s Journey Around the World”

Do you remember “Letters from Felix”? The popular stuffed bunny has been traveling the world for decades, sending letters on the go. The Exit Advent Calendar “Professor Charlie’s Journey Around the World” reminds you of that, because 24 envelopes are waiting for you, which Charlie sent from all over the world. As a family, you can follow his journey on a large world map and see which countries he has visited. In addition, there is a new puzzle hidden in all 24 letters that has to be solved.

10. “Exit Advent Calendar Kids”

Children from the age of six can take part in this “Exit Advent Calendar Kids” to attempt. The puzzles are prepared for children. With the help of 26 puzzle cards, the adventure leads little explorers through the jungle. There is a magnifying glass to help you solve the puzzles.

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