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He is one of the superstars of pop music: Robbie Williams. In the 1990s he was successful with the boy band Take That and for the past 25 years he has been celebrated internationally as a solo artist, above all for his entertainer qualities at live concerts.

by Susanne Hasenjaeger

Before Robbie Williams will play his greatest hits three times in the Barclays Arena in Hamburg on his anniversary tour in spring 2023, he will be performing on Tuesday evening in the Hamburg Elbphilharmonie.

It is an exclusive concert, only for Telekom customers. The tickets were raffled off via the MeinMagenta app. In other words, thousands of fans are excluded. Are they, however, at the prevailing ticket prices for concerts in the Elbphilharmonie, or specifically for Robbie Williams’ normal tour as well. Because depending on the seats, the tickets cost up to 200 euros. The fact that the tour is sold out shows that the fans are paying their Robbie something. How much the 48-year-old Englishman receives for this performance remains a secret, it should be in the six-digit range.

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At his concert on Tuesday in Hamburg, the superstar played hits from his 25-year solo career live in a symphonic guise. more

Robbie Williams earns $58 million a year

One can ask oneself whether a Robbie Williams actually needs such an appearance, which excludes many of his fans? Probably not, according to “People with Money” magazine, with an estimated annual salary of 58 million dollars in 2022, he is one of the best-earning singers in the world. His fortune of around 185 million dollars is based on successful stock investments, his own restaurant chain, his own football club or various sponsorship contracts, including for Telekom.

So is it perhaps reprehensible to sell your art to the telecommunications company? no However, his past private concerts with Russian oligarchs or the upcoming performance at the opening of the soccer World Cup in Qatar are reprehensible, but that would be another story.

Culture is also a business

The best prizes are when demand is high – with Robbie Williams, who, although declared dead several times, has once again reached the peak of his career, it is exactly the right time to make provisions for old age. That’s what football stars like Mbappé, who sold to St. Germain for 600 million euros, do, as do singers. Beyoncé can be invited into the living room for six million, an Elton John sings for 1.5 million at a wedding, a bargain.

Robbie Williams on the cover of album XXV © Columbia Records / Sony Music Photo: Leo Baron

Robbie Williams on the cover of the album ‘XXV’.

Or another very current example, again from Robbie Williams’ favorite sport, football. The German national soccer team is taking part in the very controversial World Cup in Qatar, also because a lot of money is at stake here. Of course also to crown the glory, the ambition, the sporting achievement with the title. A noble motivation, but one that can also be attributed to Robbie Williams – after all, he wants to promote his current album “XXV” in Hamburg in order to be number one in the album charts at Christmas, the title most desirable for pop musicians.

Live stream of Robbie Williams concert

It is therefore a clever marketing strategy by Telekom, which should win many new customers with its live stream on Tuesday evening. A clever move by Robbie Williams’ management to win the coveted German market through the resulting attention. And for the north, perhaps the opportunity to meet Robbie Williams, who has moved into the Hotel der Elbphilharmonie, on the streets of the Hanseatic city.

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Close-up of Paavo Järvi conducting.  © picture alliance/KEYSTONE Photo: Gaetan Bally

Loud, soft and emotional tones are heard in the Elphi when the Tonhalle Orchestra from Zurich and conductor Paavo Järvi perform. more

The NDR Elbphilharmonie Orchestra on the stage in the Main Hall of the Elbphilharmonie © Michael Zapf

The internationally renowned flagship of the NDR ensembles is the resident orchestra of the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg. more

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