Exam: AfD invites singers of nasty songs – Bavaria

Surprisingly, the AfD is once again holding a retreat. A speaker is coming who was the publisher of the song collection “Der Schlachtruf” in the 1990s. He should now give advice on the protection of the Constitution.

Because of the Omicron wave, the factions in the state parliament are currently faced with the question of whether and how their traditional exams will take place, and who will come at all. At the AfD, there were questions, also almost traditionally, even before Corona: Sometimes some of the MPs didn’t even travel to the exam in Swabia, sometimes such a meeting in the state parliament was canceled because the divided camps could not agree on an agenda , sometimes there was no exam because it’s useless anyway, as it was said. A new faction leadership under Ulrich Singer and Christian Klingen has been at the helm since the fall, the camp of the voted-out board of directors around Katrin Ebner-Steiner and Ingo Hahn reportedly wants to appear at the winter retreat next week – no boycott. We haven’t had a regular exam for a long time, maybe the atmosphere is even harmonious, so sociable that we start a little song together.

So it’s a good thing that, according to information from the SZ, a real song expert is invited as a speaker. Alexander Wolf, member of the AfD federal board and “old man” of the folkish fraternity Danubia in Munich, made a name for himself in the 1990s as the editor of the song collection “Der Schlachtruf”; it contained “Our flag flutters ahead”, the hit song of the Hitler Youth, with which people eagerly marched for the Führer. However, words like Hitler were replaced by “Germany” in Wolf’s book. You’re not a right-wing extremist, anything else would be an infamous slander. In media reports, for example, when the 2017 cause became public, Wolf emphasized that songs by Hans Albers, for example, were also listed, and today he would “no longer be available to publish this collection of songs”. The parliamentary group is hoping for expert thoughts from him on the threat of surveillance by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, and Wolf has prepared analyzes on this in a working group of the federal party. “Quo vadis, AfD?” should be the name of his lecture for the exam.

Without singing? Group leader Singer’s advance notice gives no indication of this. Accordingly, it should go to the “democratic crisis”. Singer is concerned about fundamental rights in the pandemic, “although Prime Minister Söder in Bavaria is pursuing a particularly restrictive corona regime”.

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