Ex-rapper Diam’s returns with a documentary ten years after her retirement

It has been ten years since she stopped her career as a rapper. A decade during which Diam’s went from light to shade. However, next month, it is on the Croisette that Mélanie Georgiades, her real name, will make her comeback. During a special screening of the Cannes Film Festival will be presented Helloa documentary film dedicated to the artist, co-written and co-directed by Diam’s, Houda Benyamina and Anne Cissé.

In a press release, the BrutX platform, on which the documentary will be broadcast, sets out the content. “Mélanie Diam’s returns through a powerful and moving documentary film, where she tells her story with an open heart. For the first time facing the camera, she confides in glory, psychiatry, the quest for meaning and her conversion to Islam. She takes us in the footsteps of Diam’s and reveals in this intimate and modest account the secrets of her story”.

Hello thus shows the difficulties of existing in the eyes of others, of the public, and addresses the issue of mental health in a great French artist and the delicate choice to change her life, ”also indicates the press release.

A last TV appearance seven years ago

Earlier this Friday, the show Boomerang from France Inter, hosted by Augustin Trapenard, hinted that a surprise was expected for the 75th edition of the festival. “There are rumors that new films could be added to the official selection of Cannes 2022, with, perhaps, an unpublished documentary signed by the queen of all queens, the diamond of all diamonds, the rapper Diam’s in person”, we already learned.

Her last appearance in a French media dates from 2015. At the time, she agreed to answer questions from journalist Thierry Demaizière of seven to eight on TF1 on the occasion of the release of his book Me, Mélanie, French and Muslim. “I was vulgar, you mustn’t forget that, I said things that today, no… I am no longer that woman. I am no longer angry. It’s no longer war in my head, ”she said in particular about her change of life.

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