“Ex on the Beach” and more: These dating shows are currently popular

“Ex on the Beach” and more
These dating shows are hot right now

Roman, Carina, Jonny, Paulina, Kimi and Chiara (from left) are part of “Ex on the Beach”.

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The fourth season “Ex on the Beach” starts on April 25th. These dating shows are also currently offering new episodes on TV and streams.

With the fourth season “Ex on the Beach” another dating format will be launched on April 25th. These shows about love are currently popular.

“Ex on the Beach”

In the RTL + format “Ex on the Beach”, a group of singles moves into a luxury villa in Mexico. Among them are well-known reality stars who are looking for love again. In the fourth season, these include Paulina (“Temptation Island VIP” 2021), Carina (“Are you the One?” 2023), Chiara (“Love Island” 2020) and Jonny (“Temptation Island” 2022). But the search turns out to be more than difficult on the show. Because suddenly the ex-girlfriends and ex-boyfriends of the candidates appear on the beach. Some of them still have a score to settle, others want to give their old love another chance.

“The Bachelor”

David Jackson (32) has been looking for love since the beginning of March. In the 13th season “The Bachelor” he got to know 23 single women in Mexico at the beginning. His love journey will come to an end on May 10th. In the final decision he will experience romantic overnight dates with two women and then has to give his last rose. After the final award of roses, Frauke Ludowig (59) will ask again and ask the crucial question in a reunion show: Are the bachelor and his chosen one still happy and how did the other women fare?

“Rate My Date”

“Rate my Date” is a brand new addition to the dating format cosmos (since April 24, every Monday at 8:15 p.m. on Sat.1 and on Joyn). A single decides on the show with moderator Ralf Schmitz (48) in several selection rounds which of the ten candidates should be his heart. However, where the date takes place – on a dream holiday in the Seychelles, a wellness trip in Tyrol or an ice cream popsicle at the gas station – is determined by his family and friends. They distribute ten suitcases to the ten candidates accordingly. Each suitcase represents a destination for the date – worth between 1 and 25,000 euros.

“Prominently Separated” and “Temptation Island”

“Prominent Separated” and “Temptation Island” are not classic dome shows, but they are currently also delighting fans of reality shows about love. At “Celebrity separated” (RTL+) the final is on April 25th. Three celebrity ex-couples made it into the last episode, where they fight for almost 40,000 euros: Juliano and Sandra, Nikola and Gloria and Gustav and Karina. In the past few weeks, they have taken on the challenge of living with their former partners in a villa in South Africa and mastering challenges as a duo. “Temptation Island” (RTL +), on the other hand, puts the relationship of couples to the test. They live apart from each other and without any contact in villas in Portugal for two weeks – together with attractive women and men who want to seduce them. The fifth season has been running since March 30 (twelve episodes + reunion show).

“The Ultimatum: Queer Love”

And another streaming series on the subject of love is already in the starting blocks. The Ultimatum premiered on Netflix in April 2022. From May 24th (new episodes every Wednesday for three weeks) we continue with “The Ultimatum: Queer Love”. Five new couples, including women and nonbinary people, must make a decision at one point in their relationship: do they really want to get married? They are given an ultimatum and have a little over eight weeks to decide whether they want to take the step. In the meantime, they spend time with potential new partners and may embark on a different future perspective.


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