Ex-handball vice-president Bob Hanning criticizes the unvaccinated Knorr

Before EM 2022
Former handball vice-president Hanning criticizes the unvaccinated player Knorr

Handball player Yuri Knorr is waiting for the vaccine

© Fabrice Coffrini / AFP

Shortly before the start of the European handball championship, the former Vice President Bob Hanning criticized national player Yuri Knorr with clear words. He finds it “difficult to accept his decision” not to be vaccinated.

Handball national player Yuri Knorr is absent from the European Championships in Hungary and Slovakia because he is not vaccinated. That offends the former Vice President of the German Handball Federation, Bob Hanning. He therefore denies the professional from the Rhein-Neckar Löwen the EM suitability. “We are so privileged in sport that we should also be role models, so I find it difficult to accept his decision,” said the managing director of the Bundesliga club Füchse Berlin in an interview with the editorial network Germany.

“As I don’t know the deeper or more detailed motives for him, I can’t say anything more. But I’ll say one thing very clearly: With the performance shown this season, he doesn’t belong in the national team,” said Hanning about the backcourt player .

Bob Hanning: Corona failures make new stars possible

In the upcoming title fights in Hungary and Slovakia, the European champion “who has the fewest corona cases,” said the handball official. “The many cancellations and resignations in international handball give the sport the opportunity to give birth to new stars. I’m very excited, we will certainly have some positive surprises,” said Hanning, emphasizing the newly formed German EM team with nine debutants : “That reminds me of our European Championship title in 2016, where nobody expected us and where we made progress step by step.”


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