even in a bear market But 82% Of Millionaires Still Ask For Crypto Investing Advice In 2022

A study conducted by a financial advisory firm – deVere Group – found that 82% of clients with investment assets worth more than $1.2 million still seek advice on cryptocurrencies in the last 12 months

fromstudyApproximately 8 out of 10 deVere Group high net worth (HNW) clients continue to ask their financial advisors if it’s a good idea to diversify their investment portfolios. cryptocurrencies during the past year

This is in stark contrast to the 2022 market decline where most digital assets have sunk significantly.

Nigel Green, CEO and founder of the deVere Group, argued that the price drop was a result of investors’ decisions to reduce exposure to risky assets. Due to concerns about rising inflation and a potential recession.

“But against the backdrop of winter But high net worth clients still seek advice from their financial advisors on incorporating cryptocurrencies into their portfolios,” he said.

Green says those customers understand that Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are the “future of money” and they “do not want to be left in the past.”

He added that BTC’s positive performance in the first months of the year stems from hopes that inflation will peak and macroeconomic conditions will improve. Those who invested in crypto during the 2022 bear market will be among the first to “Benefit from the upcoming bull market,” the CEO concluded.

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