Evelyn Burdecki: Your father Klemens is dead – moving post on Instagram

Klemens Burdecki dies at 76
“Why Papi?” Evelyn Burdecki mourns her father

TV star Evelyn Burdecki

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Difficult stroke of fate for Evelyn Burdecki: Her father Klemens suddenly passed away. On Instagram, the jungle camp winner says goodbye with touching words.

She was an absolute dad child, the greater her grief is now: Klemens Burdecki, father of TV star Evelyn Burdecki, died of a heart attack at the age of 76. “The family is in deep mourning. We ask for your understanding that we will not comment on it,” said Burdecki’s manager of the “Bild” newspaper. The 33-year-old has now spoken out and published a touching post on her Instagram account.

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Evelyn Burdecki mourns her father on Instagram

“I went through hell when the call came from the hospital and I was told that you are no longer there! I collapsed, screamed my soul out, the floor was torn from under my feet! In one second you can have everything and in the other second everything will be taken from you. I cannot compare this pain that is in my chest with any pain in this world “, Burdecki begins her posting. She added a black and white photo to the comment, in which she can be seen with her father.

“The laugh, the character, the determination, the appearance, the strength – I got it all from my papa, a man who carried me on my whole life is no longer there! Papa, you are and were for me the strongest, the greatest and the dearest person in the world. I will love you forever, “writes Burdecki. She would have wanted to experience so much with her father and also wanted to give him grandchildren, the former “Bachelor” candidate continued. All of this is no longer possible. “Oh, papi, life can be unjust and unfair.”

Evelyn Burdecki had bought her parents a house

Burdecki appeals to her followers: “Please, please take care of yourself and your parents, especially at this time when nobody knows what tomorrow will be. No matter whether you have an argument with them or live far away, spend a lot of time with them You wouldn’t be in the world without your parents. Don’t waste your time on stupid things, nobody will give you that time! “

Particularly sad: Evelyn Burdecki had only bought a house for her parents this year and had it extensively renovated. They should spend their retirement years there and never have money worries again. Now her mother has to move in alone.

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