EU budget for 2023: More than 186 billion euros against the crises

Status: 11/23/2022 4:07 p.m

The EU Parliament has approved the budget for 2023. An additional billion euros are to be made available to deal with the consequences of the war in Ukraine, for energy investments and for further recovery from the Corona crisis.

The EU budget for 2023 is in place with extra money to deal with the aftermath of Russia’s war against Ukraine. The EU Parliament formally approved the budget after the EU states had also given the green light. This means that 186.6 billion euros can be budgeted for in the coming year. Negotiators in Parliament and the EU countries had agreed on this in mid-November.

A billion more than required

The EU Parliament had prevailed by providing a little more money than requested by the EU Commission and the states. A total of one billion euros is to be used primarily to deal with the consequences of the war and energy investments as well as further recovery from the Corona crisis. Specifically, around 14.7 billion euros are planned for neighboring European countries and international development, in particular for Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova.

Since there are currently many people in the EU who have fled Ukraine, funds are being increased in the area of ​​migration: the Erasmus exchange program is being expanded to support young refugees, as well as 1.5 billion euros for the Fund for Asylum, Migration and integration planned.

Investments in energy infrastructure

In view of the ongoing energy crisis, the money pot for investments in cross-border transport and energy infrastructure is also being increased. A total of three billion euros are earmarked for this. At the same time, more money should flow into health programs.

The traditionally largest items in the budget in the coming year are the programs for regional development with 62.9 billion euros and agricultural policy, for which 53.6 billion are planned.

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