Erika Holzapfel: The good woman from Tacherting – Bavaria

Farmer, patron, bon vivant: Erika Holzapfel has fulfilled a lifelong dream with her cultural center. On Saturday she celebrates the bread festival again – which serves an aid project, but also reminds of the terrible years of her childhood.


Hans Kratzer, Tacherting

Again and again, tractor accidents cause suffering and horror. Only a few days ago a small child lost its life because it was thrown from a falling tractor in Brannenburg. These are messages that are almost unbearable just by reading them. But it is precisely these accidents with children on tractors that have continued in a tragic series for a long time. The toddler Timo was also seriously injured in such an accident a few months ago. His father had taken the boy with him on the tractor, who then fell over while driving and buried both of them under himself. Timo has been paraplegic ever since.


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