Erich Vad: Ukraine conquers Crimea and Donbas only with NATO support

Watch the video: Retired Brigadier General Erich Vad does not believe that Ukraine can recapture all areas on its own.

Erich Vad currently assesses the situation as follows: The Russians are working strategically against the Ukrainian population with massive rocket attacks on the infrastructure, and Vad speaks of a “humanitarian emergency”.
The Russians are trying to break the fighting spirit of the Ukrainians and wear them down. He also says: “You refute the thesis that the Russians no longer have missiles.”
Erich Vad does not believe in military victory
Ukraine has done a lot thanks to arms support. But Vad also says very clearly: No military victory is possible! According to him, a great war of attrition is going on with a front line of over 1000 kilometers.
Nobody believed that the Russians would withdraw from Cherson so quickly. Neither does Vad. “We overestimated the Russians at the beginning of the war.” Here Vad also admits his own mistakes and, above all, a misjudgment. After that we underestimated the Russians. “But there is no military solution. We can only get out of this through negotiations.” But today, 9 months after the start of the war, he also says: “We underestimated the Ukrainian fighting power.” With the arms deliveries, Ukraine can be stabilized so that negotiations can then take place. It’s like “the means to an end”.
“Negotiations with Putin possible”
He recently showed that Putin is capable of negotiating with the grain agreement. Well, Vad doesn’t see any problems there. He goes on to say: We are in a military stalemate that needs negotiation now. He is certain: “It is not possible to recapture Crimea and Donbass without NATO joining.” The region is far too important for Russia. Then they won’t just go home. “Before Russia gives up Donbass and Crimea and before Russia disappears as a world power, they will use nuclear weapons.”
You shouldn’t let it come to that. Vad definitely does not see the end of the war in September or October, as predicted by Marcus Keupp. He sees two options: a long war of attrition or negotiations!
Erich Vad is Merkel’s ex-adviser
Tamara Bilic speaks with former Brigadier General Erich Vad, former military policy adviser in Chancellor Merkel’s Chancellery.

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