Eric Clapton criticizes Corona measures – culture

Singer, guitarist and rock star Eric Clapton has announced that he will not play live if his audience is asked to provide proof of vaccination. He does not want to appear in front of “a discriminated audience”. In proper style, Clapton announced this measure against the corona measures on Telegram, the short message service that also acts as a central body for lateral thinkers and corona deniers. He used the account of the architect and film producer Robin Monotti for this. The message is understood in response to Boris Johnson’s announcement that a vaccination certificate is expected to be required for events such as concerts in the UK from September onwards.

Clapton has long been railing against the restrictions to contain the coronavirus. At the end of 2020 he published a cover version of the song “Stand and Deliver” by Van Morrison, in which a pathetic freedom struggle against “slavery” is evoked. In May, Clapton also told Telegram that he had been struggling with serious side effects such as fatigue, chills and headaches after his two vaccinations. He referred to the fact that the vaccines were fundamentally safe as “propaganda”.

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