Epsylone, the Lille tattoo artist who is a hit on social networks

These are figures that would make any politician in search of notoriety pale. With over 1.9 million subscribers on Tik Tok and more than 116,000 followers on
Instagram, the Lille tattoo artist Epsylone is a hit on social networks. She will be one of the figures of the
Lille Tattoo Convention which takes place all this weekend at Lille Grand Palais.

Crazy popularity for this 28-year-old young woman who is finding it increasingly difficult to remain anonymous. “I often get stopped in the street. People tell me they like my job. The negative reviews are that on the Internet, that never happens in real life, ”laughs Nora Denel, her identity in civilian life.

Specialized in colorful and childish tattoos

But how can a tattoo artist attract such an audience on social media? It all started two years ago when Epsylone discovered Tik Tok. “I made a video of my work. And after that, for months, I posted two or three videos a day. That’s how it got bigger. It’s weird. I think that all this is linked to a mix of my person and my work ”, says the one who is at the head of La Bonbonnière, his tattoo parlor in the Bois Blancs district.

Specialized in colorful and childish tattoos (small cats, princesses, Disney, plush toys, etc.), Nora shows everything she does on the networks. But what earned him such virtual notoriety is also linked to his personality. Tattooed from head to toe, Epsylone does not go unnoticed, comes to terms with herself perfectly and does not have her tongue in her pocket on all social issues.

A strong personality

“I tell my life story frankly. I like to denounce political correctness and things that get drunk, for example these influencers who always want to appear perfect and lie about their physical appearance. Me, I try to be honest and I give my opinion on all subjects. I am not smooth. I am honest and if it pleases so much the better, if not too bad, ”slices Lille.

The one who does not “consider herself an artist” discovered tattooing when she came of age. Since then, she has been able to observe the evolution of this art which was still looked at askance ten years ago.

“In today’s society, we need to differentiate ourselves from each other”

“The tattoo has exploded thanks to social networks. Ten years ago, it was a bit confined. Now it’s the other way around. We are borderline original if we don’t have a tattoo. In today’s society, we need to differentiate ourselves from each other. It’s a bit have you seen me because it also serves to assert your identity and show that you are different. We all need to feel a little unique, ”explains Nora, who assures that she hasn’t taken a big head:“ I was lucky, I fell in the right period. I did the right thing at the right time. I have no particular merit. “

Apart from that of having created a large community which recognizes itself a little in the work and the personality of the most famous tattoo artist of Lille.

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