Environmental activists from Last Renovation spray prefectures with paint

Activists from the environmental collective Last Renovation sprayed paint on the facades of several prefectures on Wednesday, particularly in Marseille, to “join the social movement” and denounce the “criminal deafness” of the executive “on climate issues as on pensions”.

Activists dressed in T-shirts bearing the slogan “resisting is vital” sprayed orange paint on the facades of the prefectures of Lyon, Marseille, Nantes, Toulouse and Tours, the group said in a press release.

Ten activists in custody

In Marseille, these activists were two and then settled on their knees in front of the prefecture, waiting for the arrival of the police without resistance, noted AFP journalists.

“Faced with government inaction, we must, as citizens, mobilize ourselves and force the authorities to act at the height of the emergency”, indicated one of these activists, presenting himself only under a first name, Alexandre, 25 years. In total, ten activists were placed in police custody, according to Last renovation, out of around twenty “citizens involved” in these five actions.

A follower of the strategy of a bang, Last renovation, founded in early 2022, has as its main demand the implementation by the authorities of a massive plan for the overall thermal renovation of housing. Group activists have already disrupted the Tour de France, Roland-Garros or a PSG-OM match.

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