England announce measures to prevent Super League draft return

Liverpool fans hung a banner against the Super League draft on the Anfield gates on April 19, 2019. – Jon Super / AP / SIPA

The Premier League announced on Monday that it will take action to prevent further dissenting competition plans, such as the Super League being considered by twelve European clubs, from seeing the light of day. The announcement comes in the wake of the invasion of Old Trafford by Manchester United supporters protesting against club owners and their involvement in the project, ahead of a game against Liverpool, which was ultimately postponed.

The fans are not mad

Twelve clubs, including six English, including the Red Devils, presented, two weeks ago, a concept of European competition with twenty teams, of which 15 places would be reserved each year for the founders. After an outcry from supporters, football authorities but also the political world, the English clubs were the first to abandon the idea, less than 48 hours after its presentation, without however managing to stem the anger of their fans.

“The events of the last two weeks have undermined the foundations and the spirit of English football”, writes the organizer of the championship in his press release, while asking that “all the protests remain peaceful”.

A commitment “to respect the fundamental principles” of the championship

The Premier League has announced that it is working with the federation and the English government on avenues to modify the regulatory and legal framework “in order to secure the fundamental principles of professional competition: an open hierarchy, progression based on sporting merit and principles of high sporting probity ”. “These measures are designed to put an end to the threat of dissident competitions in the future,” she said.

In particular, they provide for a new charter that club owners will have to sign and in which “they undertake to respect the fundamental principles of the Premier League”, under penalty of “significant sanctions”. “The actions of a handful of clubs must not be able to create so many divisions and unrest. We are determined to establish the facts and to hold these clubs accountable for their decisions and actions ”, further completes the instance.

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