Employment – More wages with a collective agreement – Economy

Employees with a collective agreement earn up to 50 percent more than without a collective agreement. This emerges from the Federal Government’s response to a request from the Greens. According to this, the average gross hourly wage in the manufacturing industry was just under 27 euros full-time with the employer’s collective bargaining agreement, but only just under 18 euros without such a commitment. In agriculture and forestry, manufacturing and the service sector it is 22 euros with collective agreements and just under 17 euros without, in health and social services 21 and 16 euros respectively. In the case of trade and car maintenance and repairs, it is 19 and 16 euros, respectively. Accordingly, employees with collective agreements earn between 800 and 1200 euros more per month, depending on the industry. In its answer, the government cites the Federal Statistical Office and cites the 2018 values ​​as the most recent figures.


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