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Good rye stone:Kindling children ignite fire in empty warehouse

Gut Roggenstein: The former pigsty of Gut Roggenstein was partially burned out on Friday evening.

The former pigsty at Gut Roggenstein was partially burned out on Friday evening.

(Photo: Lukas Barth/lukasbarth.com)

The former pigsty burns out partially. However, a large number of fire brigades quickly brought the fire under control.

By Christian Hufnagel, Emmering

Children igniting fires started a large contingent of fire brigades on Friday evening. According to the operations management, they set fire to a former pigsty at Gut Roggenstein, which was last used as a warehouse but has recently been empty.

Fire brigades from Eichenau, Emmering, Olching and Gröbenzell rushed to the site on the outskirts of Eichenau around 7:10 p.m. when thick black smoke rose from there. The fire was then quickly under control less than 20 minutes later. The nearby Starzelbach was dammed to extinguish it. Parts of the buildings have burned out.

The fire brigades were in a hurry to get to the scene of the fire for another reason. The Eichenauer maypole, which is erected on Sunday, is stored in the adjacent Gut Roggenstein. The fire could not harm the well-guarded piece, however, as the old pigsty is a few meters away from the main buildings.

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