Emmanuel Macron says he knows nothing about the documents concerning him found at Donald Trump’s

“Info re: President of France. Since the search at Donald Trump’s house last month, this description of a document concerning, it seems, Emmanuel Macron, has aroused curiosity on both sides of the Atlantic. Asked about it on the set of CNN, the French president assured that he did not know what it was.

Emmanuel Macron was interviewed by American journalist Jake Tapper. Conducted on Wednesday, the interview was broadcast on Thursday by CNN. “I read newspapers about it. If you have more info, I would be delighted, ”joked the head of state. “You don’t know what this is about? Tapper insists. Response from the French president: “I am not part of the FBI, I am not one of Donald Trump’s lawyers. I have no information on this. »

Classified or not?

“It’s not very pleasant to see this kind of information, but I’ve been trying to be less paranoid lately”, continues Emmanuel Macron, concluding with a smile: “I’m here, I’m cool. I would like to know more, but there is nothing on my side. »

Nothing has filtered on the exact nature of the document. We know that it was found by the FBI in the office of Donald Trump, and, for an unknown reason, stored in the same box as the decree by which the former American president commuted the sentence of his friend Roger Stone. .

The detailed inventory published in early September specifies that this box contained a total of three documents: one marked with the “secret” classification, and two other unclassified “documents or photos”. At this stage, it is not known which corresponds to the information on the French president.

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