Emmanuel Macron “does not think” that the text “can be taken up as is”

Emmanuel Macron in the Lot talks about the pension reform. – Lionel Bonaventure / AP / SIPA

On the occasion of his trip in the Lot this Thursday, the President of the Republic addressed the thorny issue of pension reform. “I do not think that the reform which was initially envisaged can be taken again in the state”, he declared vis-a-vis the press. “It is the mother of reforms for me”, but “it is too early” to comment on the future of the reform for which “nothing is excluded”, he added to Martel.

A strong announcement while Emmanuel Macron is only on the second day of his marathon of ten trips spread throughout the country until mid-July. Postponed for more than a year due to the coronavirus crisis, the pension reform does not achieve consensus in the executive.

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