Emmanuel Macron criticizes Marine Le Pen’s program and promises “difficult tomorrows” if she is elected

“I don’t believe in happy days that turn into a hangover”, ends Emmanuel Macron

“We will never let anyone down like we have never let anyone down”during the last five-year term, promises Emmanuel Macron, from Figeac, in the Lot, where he gives his last campaign speech before the second round.

“I only believe in one thing: reconciling benevolence and ambition. We will not unite the country by promising everything and financing nothing”tackles the candidate president, targeting his competitor, the far-right candidate, Marine Le Pen, without naming her. “Otherwise, it’s a difficult tomorrow. I don’t believe in happy days that turn into hangovers”he warns.

“I believe that we cannot ask for efforts, for progress if we do not redistribute as we did during this crisis, as we will continue to do between the territories, between the richest and the poorest”continues Emmanuel Macron, boasting “employee dividend” which he holds. “Benevolence and ambition, consideration and taste for the future, it is on this balance that we will be able to build in the next five years and it is in this state of mind that I want to approach the last hours of the campaign”he said again.

“You see it, I can here, me, give you a speech without having a single hate speech either on our political adversaries, or on a part of the country”rejoices the candidate president, promising that he wears a “idealistic and realistic project”.

To conclude, he asks his supporters to “stay mobilized”to “beat to convince”and believes that “April 24 will be a referendum” for or against “loyalty to our values, our history”. “We will do it together”finished Emmanuel Macron, with a voice close to breaking, like that of Marine Le Pen last night during his meeting in Arras (Pas-de-Calais).

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