Elon Musk launches a poll to reinstate Donald Trump or not

Will Donald Trump make his comeback on Twitter? After turning the social network upside down, Elon Musk ventured further into the slippery slope of content moderation, a key issue for the future of the influential platform under pressure after the departure of advertisers and senior officials.

The new owner and boss of the social network had several suspended user accounts reinstated on Friday. He then launched a poll, this Saturday, on the possible return of the former American president, whose account was banned from major social platforms after the assault on Capitol Hill in January 2021. “Reinstate former President Trump” , he tweeted on his personal account, followed by the possibility of voting yes or no.

Votes in favor of the return of Donald Trump?

This Saturday morning, the poll had more than 7 million votes, with a short head (53.5%) of votes in favor of the return of Donald Trump, who has just announced his candidacy for the American election of 2024. The boss of Tesla and SpaceX enthused about the popularity of his poll, saying there were about “1 million votes per hour.”

The American billionaire did not indicate whether it was a simple consultation or whether the choice of Internet users would be applied. “Vox Populi, Vox Dei” (“The voice of the people is the voice of God”), however, tweeted Elon Musk, following his survey.

Donald Trump, who launched his own social network Truth Social, assured not wanting to return to Twitter, even if his account was authorized again. The former American president had been banned from the social network for having encouraged his supporters before the invasion of the Capitol in January 2021, which had claimed the lives of five people.

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