Elon Musk changes his mind and offers to buy the network at the initial price, according to the American press

I love you, me neither, but finally a little all the same. Twist in the tech saga of the year: according to Bloomberg, Elon Musk wrote a letter to Twitter offering to buy the network for $54.20 per share. The same as its first spring offering, which valued Twitter at $44 billion. The boss of Tesla then withdrew it, accusing the network of having concealed the true proportion of bots (fake accounts). After being briefly suspended, Twitter stock is currently up 13% to $48.

Twitter had taken legal action to force Elon Musk to honor its initial offer, and a trial was due in ten days. According to New York Times, the network has not yet accepted the new offer, fearing that the undecided billionaire is simply looking to play for time. But the economic channel CNBC says for its part that Twitter could accept the offer as early as Friday.

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