Elisabeth Borne agrees to “not lie” to the French

Elisabeth Borne is certain of this: “promises like “tomorrow, we shave for free”, the French do not believe in them”. By defending Sunday in the JDD the pension reform project, the Prime Minister therefore insists on her wish to “not lie” to the French.

“Those who would like to believe (that pension reform) is not essential are not telling the truth to the French,” says the head of government. Emmanuel Macron also proposed during the presidential campaign to “shift the legal age” of retirement “by 4 months a year” to bring it “in 2031 to 65 years”, with a device of “long careers” and another of “difficulty”.

“No tax increase, no increase in debt”

“The challenge for our country is to ensure the strength of our social model, to pursue social progress and to invest, particularly in health and education”, argues Elisabeth Borne: “The President of the French Republic made clear commitments: no increase in taxes, no increase in debt. However, we are living longer and longer, the ratio between the number of working people and the number of retirees is decreasing… If we want to preserve the pay-as-you-go pension system, to which our fellow citizens are attached, we will have to gradually work a little longer “.

Retirement at 65 “is not a totem”, she assures us, “but we must ensure the financing of our social model. And to announce to the French that they are going to work less, to brandish retirement at 60, is to lie to them. That’s what the RN did for years. It is also a measure that can be found in the Nupes program and which is not credible”. By presenting her method, which she puts under the sign of “consultation”, the Prime Minister does not forget to tackle the opposition in the middle of the campaign for the legislative elections.

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