Election in Berlin: “Nobody cheers here because someone comes from the CDU.” – Politics



“Nobody cheers here because someone comes from the CDU”

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Smile, wedding ring, open shirt: This is how CDU politician Burkard Dregger is campaigning for votes in his Reinickendorf 1 constituency.

(Photo: Jürgen Ritter/Imago)

Tolerance, diversity, traffic change and expropriations – Berlin’s capital city politics is considered to be particularly progressive. Where are the conservatives? On an election campaign tour with the CDU candidate Burkard Dregger.


Jan Heidtmann, Berlin

Friedrich Merz visits Berlin-Neukölln on a Friday evening at the end of January. After the riots on New Year’s Eve, the party leader of the CDU had upset some with his statement about the “little pashas”. Now he wants to explain that he didn’t mean it that way. Under the protection of a well-secured community center, Merz wants to show the hand-picked audience that the CDU is also interested in people in precarious circumstances.

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