Election campaign: TV duel: Macron and Le Pen fight to strengthen purchasing power

TV duel: Macron and Le Pen fight to strengthen purchasing power

Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron before the TV duel in May 2017. Will the clash be different this time? Photo: Eric Feferberg/AFP POOL/AP/dpa

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Shortly before the run-off election for the presidency, France is staring spellbound at the screens. The embarrassment from the 2017 TV duel does not seem to be repeated.

In the TV duel before the French presidential election, Head of State Emmanuel Macron and challenger Marine Le Pen presented contrary proposals to strengthen purchasing power – a key issue in the election campaign.

At the start of the eagerly awaited only television debate before the runoff next Sunday, Macron announced increases in pensions and the minimum wage on Wednesday evening, as well as a cap on gas and electricity prices. It is also important to further reduce unemployment. Le Pen proposed lowering VAT on energy and eliminating taxes on 100 basic necessities.

At the start of the TV debate, Macron and Le Pen tried to have an objective, albeit critical, exchange. When the two sat opposite each other in a TV duel before the 2017 election, the discussion was characterized by insults and personal attacks. Now Macron showed himself to be a listener who agreed with his opponent in some statements – but then tried to refute their conclusions or demands. Le Pen also focused on her opponent’s statements and presented herself as an advocate for the population.


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