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The sport is temporarily a minor matter: Serious riots accompany Eintracht Frankfurt’s round of 16 second leg in the Champions League at SSC Naples.

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Fans fight street battles in Naples

Firemen and police in Naples.  Cars burn in the background.

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Cars were on fire, firecrackers and chairs were flying through the air, and a police helicopter was circling over the city center: In the run-up to Eintracht Frankfurt’s round of 16 second leg in the Champions League, there were serious riots in Naples.

The Corriere dello Sport wrote of a “guerrilla war” in the center of the southern Italian city. Video footage from downtown Wednesday afternoon showed wild chase scenes between hooded supporters and police. The situation was confusing. Both German and Italian tifosi are said to have been involved in the riots. “It seemed a bit as if the groups that were looking for each other had found each other,” said Eintracht board member Philipp Reschke.

Cars burned, restaurants destroyed

Detonations could be heard again and again, clouds of smoke traversed the narrow streets around the Piazza del Gesu. Several cars, including a police car, were set on fire. In addition, bars in the area were damaged and tables, chairs and shop windows of bars and restaurants were destroyed.

Terrified residents fled. Among other things, some people are said to have found refuge in a nearby church, several media report in unison.

Corriere dello Sport wrote of “around 600 Eintracht fans” who had traveled to Naples despite the Italian authorities’ ban on ticket sales. Around 800 police officers should be on duty. “The most important thing is that there are no injuries. Neither on the police side nor among the fan groups,” said Reschke in the evening.

Also in the night riots

Also in the night after the game there were clashes between hooligans and the police. As reported by Italian media, supporters of SSC Napoli tried to get to Eintracht Frankfurt’s team hotel.

Many Hessian fans stayed in the hotel right next door and, according to the Ansa news agency, were getting ready to be taken out of town by bus. The Napoli ultras lit firecrackers and threw stones at the emergency services. The police were at the hotel in large numbers.

Missiles on Frankfurt buses

Already on Tuesday evening there had been attacks by supporters of SSC Naples on Frankfurt. First, a group of a good 400 Eintracht Ultras arrived at Naples Central Station. These had been brought by the police in buses in the direction of the fan hotel. On the way, the buses had been shot at by strangers with flares.

According to local media reports, the attackers were Naples ultras who were ambushing the rival Frankfurters. As could be seen on an amateur video, the buses were able to continue.

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Hotel complex completely locked down overnight

After the fan group from Frankfurt, which also includes members of the friendly Ultras from Atalanta Bergamo, was brought to their hotel, the police sealed off the hotel complex overnight. Nobody came out. In front of the Eintracht team hotel, about 100 meters away, several police vehicles were parked at the same time to prevent possible attacks by Napoli fans.

After a legal stalemate, the Italian authorities had banned the sale of tickets to people from Frankfurt, and Eintracht then waived the entire guest contingent. The two camps of fans clashed around the 2-0 win in the first leg of the Italians in Frankfurt.

Napoli ultras marched through the city armed

According to the police, various SSC Napoli fan groups are “closely observed” by the law enforcement officers. For example, when around 120 Napoli ultras gathered on Piazza Dante on Tuesday evening. Several Eintracht supporters reported on social networks that larger Napoli fan groups, some armed with iron bars, were moving through the city.

Another incident occurred in the evening. An armed Napoli fan group pursued and threatened a group of Frankfurt journalists, including hr reporters. With the help of Italian civilian police, she was just able to get to her hotel. The police again warned of further acts of violence on Wednesday.

According to Ansa, a spokesman for an anti-terrorist unit of the Italian police “urgently” advised Frankfurt fans to stay in the hotel – to avoid contact.

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First riots before Eintracht game in Naples

Fan alert in Naples

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