Eight people imprisoned after a crackdown in Bulgarian prostitution

Monday, at dawn, a hundred members of the police landed in a Roma camp in the Gramont district of Toulouse. An operation aimed at dismantling a network of street prostitution which put young women of Bulgarian origin on the sidewalk in the Boulevard des Minimes sector.

Eight of the nine people arrested that morning were indicted and placed in detention as part of the open investigation for aggravated pimping and trafficking in human beings. The prostitutes, who had to work seven days a week in extreme conditions, went to file a complaint. The specialized interregional jurisdiction (JIRS) of Bordeaux then took up the case.

Bleaching pane

“A large part of street prostitution in Toulouse is of foreign origin, with pimps and pimps who resort to violence to ensure their total subjection”, according to a source close to the investigation. The case also includes a money laundering component, because the income from prostitution was sent by pimps to Bulgaria.

The investigation led by the Toulouse judicial police had made it possible to arrest five men and four women. Eight were placed in pre-trial detention, the ninth person was placed under judicial control, specifies the parquet floor.

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