Eichstätt diocese suspends clergy after allegations of abuse

The diocese of Eichstätt has suspended a clergyman after allegations of sexual abuse. The man from the Eichstätt district was released from pastoral and school work, the Catholic diocese announced on Friday. In addition, a “residence ban for his previous place of residence and work” was pronounced and a preliminary investigation under canon law was initiated.

According to the investigating public prosecutor’s office in Ingolstadt, the allegation is for sexual abuse of young people and sexual abuse of wards. A suspected victim filed a complaint against the clergyman in December. According to prosecutors, the man’s apartment was searched on Wednesday this week.

The diocese imposed a “residence ban for his previous places of residence and work” and initiated a preliminary investigation under canon law. Vicar General Michael Alberter accepted the resignation of the clergyman, whose salary has now been reduced until further notice. “Final measures will only be imposed after the process has been completed,” the diocese said. “Until then, the presumption of innocence applies.”

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