Edouard Philippe’s party “surprised” not to speak more with the majority

Tensions around the legislative elections are high throughout the political class, the winning side of the presidential election being no exception. Horizons, Edouard Philippe’s party, says it is “surprised” not to have more “discussion” with its majority partners in view of the June 12 and 19 polls, some of its executives deplored. coming from a political office.

“The discussion with the majority partners, which we requested, did not take place. We are surprised. And we’re waiting for it to happen,” a Horizons member said. While a first salvo of majority nominations should soon be unveiled, another executive underlines that “the device is not stalled, not decided” between allies. If there were “preparatory exchanges” before the first round of the presidential election, Horizons has since been “waiting for it to resume”, even if “discussions between La République en Marche and the MoDem are carried out in parallel. “.

The influence of Philippe in the viewfinder of Macron

In the background, the recurring tensions between Edouard Philippe and Emmanuel Macron are emerging, which nevertheless seemed to be put on hold during the presidential election, the mayor of Le Havre having notably welcomed the candidate president in his stronghold in the interval between the two rounds. But the head of state activates himself to poach on the right, and could directly forge pacts with deputies Les Républicains favorable to the presidential majority. A way for Emmanuel Macron to circumvent and reduce the influence of Edouard Philippe who would target “30/40 deputies” according to a parliamentarian from the party.

In the political office on Tuesday, the former Prime Minister declared in return, according to several participants: “I am never bound by a deal that I did not pass”. Implying that, without consultation, Horizons could present candidates including in the constituencies concerned by an agreement between the majority and these LR deputies. “We can stretch the pole, there are sometimes a little irrational behavior vis-à-vis Edouard Philippe”, deplores for his part a party executive, noting that the boss of the Modem François Bayrou had publicly called for this “that there is Edouard Philippe around the table”.

The former tenant of Matignon also closed the door to the hypothesis of a single party mentioned by Emmanuel Macron, declaring that it does not “seem to him possible”. “A party ranging from Rebsamen (socialist) to Abad (LR, not yet joined), there is enough to slap the adductors”, observes a Horizons executive. In addition to the composition of the next government, the Head of State will therefore have to work to demine the relationship between his supporters.

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