Ecology, purchasing power, pensions… Our readers are waiting for Macron at the turn

“And one, and two, and five more years!” These words, chanted by supporters of Emmanuel Macron after the announcement of his re-election against Marine Le Pen, are heavy with meaning. Because if the evening of this Sunday evening was placed under the sign of the celebration for some, for others the disavowal is already total. And if there are indeed five more years with the head of LREM in power, “this new era will not be the continuity of the five-year term which is ending”, he promises.

That’s good, because we asked our Internet users what they expected from this new lap of Emmanuel Macron, and the least we can say is that it is expected at the turn.

Ecology, already

He has already been reproached in the past, but the president will have to put in place an ecological collar. The state has also been sanctioned for its climate inaction. Alex warns: “If nothing is done to save the climate, all else will be in vain, because global warming will change all aspects of our lives… And so many people don’t realize this…” Indeed, if the world is no longer livable, it will be difficult to take care of the rest. And for that, “it is not enough to make declarations of intent”, affirms Jonathan, who expects “actions, rapid, concrete and effective. “Rémy believes, meanwhile, that Emmanuel Macron has “good shoulders”, and that it is time to use them to “carry a lot of ecology”.

Purchasing power, a lot

The future of the planet, and that of the wallet… Among the dozens of testimonials received, many of our readers told us about their particular cases: they or they are municipal employees, nurses, forklift drivers, students… In all this diversity, one thing in common: the fear of having trouble making ends meet. Flavien regrets a “president of the rich” who has “forsaken the modest French who can no longer make ends meet. ” For him, ” it is time to act by having this time a little more compassion for the French who hold France at arm’s length and who are not rewarded. »

It is even a necessity for Loïc: “We must take the necessary resolutions concerning purchasing power, some will be difficult for the State but it is about the adhesion of the population”, he writes before to conclude that if he does not, “he will have missed his second mandate. »

retirement, always

Finally, if there is indeed a theme concerning among the testimonies of our readers, it is that of retirement. On its duration, on the one hand. Selena would like “a retirement at 60”, while Flora fears that Emmanuel Macron will begin “to lay us a retirement at 68 or more. And on its pecuniary level, on the other hand. Jocelyne would like him to keep “his promise to align pensions with the rate of inflation. More generally, our readers expect consultation and moderation on this subject, rather than a transition to retirement at 65, point blank.

The challenges awaiting Emmanuel Macron are numerous and our readers, like many of their fellow citizens, will be attentive to the choices that will be made in the coming months and years. Although a little “disappointed” by the absence of certain themes during the campaign, Justine “places a lot of hope in this new five-year term” and “hopes that the president will do the best. Sixty-seven million French people too.

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