Ebersberg says goodbye to Mayor Walter Brilmayer – Ebersberg

Anyone who has been the mayor of a city for 26 years has directing in their blood. Maybe that’s why Walter Brilmayer grabbed the baton as a matter of course on Thursday evening and headed the Ebersberg brass band – almost as if he had never done anything else. It is just one of many anecdotes that this colorful ceremony in honor of the former mayor had to offer. In addition to happiness, there was also a little sadness that Walter Brilmayer, a political veteran, is now slowly saying goodbye to the big stage.

District administrator Robert Niedergesäß found many words of praise for his long-term deputy in the old warehouse. Brilmayer was a mayor very close to the people, always endowed with diplomacy, humanity and a sense of togetherness. The latter can probably also be read from a number that Niedergesäß researched for his laudation: the Ebersberg town hall chief ate around 3000 veal sausages during his tenure. “You have to give that up,” said the district administrator, who was called onto the stage by moderator and Brilmayer’s successor Ulrich Proske as one of numerous speakers.

There, for example, VHS director Martina Eglauer and music school boss Peter Pfaff had prepared a laudation along the letters of the alphabet, city partnership manager Jutta Bethmann remembered evenings together in Yssingeaux, while the two pastors Josef Riedl and Edzard Everts struck more thoughtful tones. Alexander Liegl’s speech made it humorous: “When he shot, he shot with words,” said the cabaret artist, alluding to the fact that Walter means “Heerführer” in Old High German.

Of course, the honoree himself also had a say. And Walter Brilmayer took the opportunity to thank his long-term companions – from “foster father” and predecessor Hans Vollhardt, through his family around his wife Elfriede to the committed employees in the Ebersberg town hall. “It was a great time,” said the former mayor, who did not want to hide one thing: “Shit is retired!” This is probably one of the reasons why he doesn’t cry after the – as Brilmayer said – exciting, beautiful and fulfilling years after all, because: “Everything has its time. You don’t have to be sad, it’s part of life.”

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