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The Altes Kino and Alter Speicher start the first half of the year with streaming, humor and stars. After a forced Corona break, advance sales for new events covering almost all cabaret genres will begin on Monday, February 7th: There will be concerts, cabaret and music cabaret, an a cappella show and a reading – as well as a big surprise bag .

The Munich singer Kilian Sladek is considered a great talent. However, he sees himself more as an instrumentalist than as an interpreter of texts. With his creative sound collages in Neo Scat, he won the young talent competition of the Bavarian Jazz Association last year – which is why his concert on Thursday, February 10th, in the Altes Kino is a coda, so to speak, a last act of the Ebersberg Jazz Festival 2021. The evening will be streamed on alteskino.tv transfer.

A new show by and with Gaston offers magic, talk and improvisation

The Brucker artist presents a new show with magic, live chat, improv theatre, music and talk gaston on Saturday, March 5th, also in the stream. Most recently, Gaston, alias Reinhold Florian, acted as a French showgirl on the stage of the Altes Kino. So much can be revealed in advance: This alter ego of the all-rounder with the world champion title in magic will also be there with a small role. A big surprise bag – so more of a miracle box in which Godot also finds its place.

Gaston alias Reinhold Florian has prepared a magic box of magic, improvisation, music and talk for his audience.

(Photo: Max Ott/oh)

On the other hand, they present their own classics Banana Fish Bones on Thursday, March 10, on alteskino.tv. It’s been more than 20 years since the band played their way into the premier league of the national indie rock scene with songs like “Come to Sin” and “Easy Day”. Since then, the trio from Bad Tölz around musician Sebastian Horn has been considered one of the best live bands in Germany – and after more than three decades of band history, they are as creative and passionate as ever.

The pop star among German columnists reads in the old warehouse

Axel Hacke is the pop star among German columnists. The former sports reporter now lives as a freelance writer and still publishes his column in the weekly Suddeutsche Zeitung Magazin, his books are bestsellers. On Thursday, April 7th, he will create a small reading work of art in the old warehouse that contains everything: the cheerful, the philosophical and the hilarious.

Culture in Ebersberg: Axel Hacke creates a small reading work of art that contains everything: the cheerful, the philosophical and the hilarious.

Axel Hacke creates a small reading work of art that contains everything: the cheerful, the philosophical and the hilarious.

(Photo: Organizer)

The extreme humorist Martin Puntigam will deliver an anniversary program for his 50th birthday and 30 years on the cabaret stage on Thursday, April 28th in the old cinema. With his theater cabaret, Puntigam is an Austrian Sigi Zimmerschied, who always puts anti-heroes on the stage with physical effort and drasticness to satirically work up pars pro toto social de-solidarity or right-wing attitudes.

The Berlin quartet presents itself wonderfully offbeat and pleasingly innovative vocal recall on Friday, May 6, in the old cinema. On this evening, a cappella meets cabaret, Beethoven meets Bushido, crossover meets cover. The girl group with three boys – two singers and a pianist – lovingly jumps through music history and fuses everything that has status and reputation at a deafening pace.

Erwin Pelzig continues to justify our species’ presence on Earth

Josef Brustmann is considered the consoling star in the confused cabaret sky. While the world is imploding and the Last Judgment is still a long time coming, the music cabaret artist from Wolfratshausen says to his wife: “Life is short – buy the red shoes!” With this program, the object and installation artist, poet and musician is a guest at the Altes Kino on Saturday, May 14th.

Frank-Markus Barwasser also explores human mortality. On Friday, June 17, he sends his alter ego, the imperturbable Erwin Pelzig, onto the stage at the Alter Speicher – to find out what the chances are of continuing to justify our species’ presence on earth.

On top of that, there are various events to catch up on

In addition to these new events, there are tickets for Martin Schmitt, the entertainer at the piano, on Friday 8 April at the Altes Kino, for the anniversary show by Timo Wopp, the cabaret juggler, on Saturday 30 April at the Alten Speicher , for Andreas Rebers, the worker in the Lord’s Pointenberg, on Friday, May 20th, in the Alter Speicher, and the original Austria-3 band named We4 with their exclusive Austropop blend of music, photography and film on Thursday, June 2nd in the Alter Speicher.

Advance sales for the live events start on Monday, February 7th at 10 a.m. cards are below www.kultur-in-ebersberg.de, by telephone on (08092) 255 92 05 or in person at the ticket office in the foyer of the old warehouse. Seats will be assigned in the evening. Streaming tickets are available at https://www.alteskino.tv. Events in the old warehouse start at 8 p.m., the old cinema and the digital events start at 8.30 p.m. The houses open one hour before the start, the stream goes online at 8:15 p.m.

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