Ebersberg: Farmer about Aldi advertising campaign – Ebersberg

Bernhard Haimmerer is a farmer. He says: In Bavarian agriculture, more is done right than is often acknowledged. A conversation about fair milk prices, hypocritical advertising campaigns and why children are taught a distorted image of animal husbandry in school.

Interviewed by

Corbinian Eisenberger, Anzing

Bernhard Haimmerer, 51, has been a farmer for as long as he can remember. At the age of three he sat with his father in the Bulldog cab over the rim. Later his own son sat there. The Bulldog has grown over the decades. The reputation of farmers rather shrunk. Three years after the referendum on species protection, many farmers in the region are now angry about the discounter Aldi, which has announced a “change of mind” for more animal welfare. However – according to the criticism of the Bavarian Farmers’ Association – without sharing in the additional costs. It is said that the existence of hundreds of farms is threatened. Also that of Bernhard Haimmerer, his wife and their four children?

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