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Ebersberg:Corona incidence is rising again

The corona incidence in the Ebersberg district is rising again. That comes from a press release from the district office on Wednesday. Accordingly, the value that shows how many people per 100,000 inhabitants have been newly infected with the coronavirus in the past seven days is now 140.2. 45 new infections were reported to the Ebersberg health department. A week earlier, 30 new cases of infection had occurred compared to the previous day. Three patients with Covid-19 disease are currently being treated at the Ebersberg district clinic. Two come from the district. One person needs to be cared for and ventilated in the intensive care unit. Two of the patients with an infection do not have a corona vaccination. The third person has had the infection before. The vaccination rate in the district continues to stagnate at 62.16 percent.

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