Easy Carnival Costumes: 10 Ideas for 2022

It’s not a question of age
Little effort, big effect: ten simple carnival costumes for adults

Simple Carnival Costumes: Ten Ideas With A Big Impact

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Carnival is getting closer and closer and the search for the right costume has begun. There are panels that require little effort, but are still real eye-catchers. Here are ten ideas for simple carnival costumes.

Carnival is traditionally celebrated every year before Lent, i.e. before Easter. The colorful custom is not only celebrated in Germany, but also in countries like Brazil and Spain, albeit in different ways. In Germany, cities like Cologne, Düsseldorf or Mainz have a particularly long carnival tradition and every year before the fifth season the search for the right carnival costume begins again. Costumes that require little preparation time and are still an eye-catcher are very popular. Here are ten ideas for simple carnival costumes for adults for inspiration.

1. Gives you wings

The wildlife inspires many costumes. You can create a simple carnival costume with these Butterfly wings. The wings are simple, but make for an eye-catcher when unfolding.

2. Versatile one-piece

For this carnival costume you only need one piece of clothing: this one animal jumpsuit. You can choose from different animals, including fox, frog, zebra or penguin. The plus point of the one-piece is that you can wear it as comfortable pajamas afterwards.

3. “House of Money”

The popular Netflix series “House of Money” caused a real hype on red overalls and masks with the face of the famous artist Salvador Dalí on them. Would you like to be part of the professor’s team? Then all you need is this Costume set, consisting of jumpsuit and mask.

4. Pirate

Pirate costumes have been popular not only since the worldwide success of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” films about Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swann. In the past, as then, the classic costume is considered the ideal costume for carnival, here you will find an extensive one Costume set in pirate look.

5. “Game of Thrones”

Costumes like to be inspired by popular figures in pop culture. Who could be more suitable than the dragon queen from the popular series “Game of Thrones”? If you want to dress up as “Daenerys Targaryen”, one trademark should not be missing: the blonde mane – in the form of a practical one wig.

6. “Baywatch”

Little effort, but full effect means this costume in Baywatch look. Wear this “David Hasselhoff “mask in combination with an inflatable Rescue board and it will be unmistakable which cult series this costume is supposed to remind of.

7. “Star Wars”

The fewer individual parts a costume needs, the less complicated it is. So also this authentic one “Chewbacca” overall. Fans of Han Solo’s loyal co-pilot Chewie can slip into the shoes of Wookiees at Carnival.

Do you remember the internet hype surrounding “Chewbacca” mom? The American could hardly contain herself laughing when she did this “Chewbacca” mask with sound effects tried. So you could perfectly combine the jumpsuit with the mask.

8. Classic bees

Another popular carnival classic is the bee costume. You can find a practical one here Costume set consisting of dress, wings, gauntlets and antennae.

9. Light costume

All you need for this costume is this one Air suit. The costume comes with a little fan provide and inflate the light material, so that you increase in volume. There are numerous versions of air suits, for example a classic version with an oversized suit.

10. Dino

One-piece suits are best as a simple carnival costume. So also this overall in dinosaur design. The eye-catching green color should attract attention at the carnival parade. You can find it here Jumpsuit.

Carnival in Germany

The street carnival is one of the highlights for many Germans. These days there is partying, dancing and dressing up. In Germany, the numerous street parades traditionally take place from Weiberfastnacht to Shrovetide Tuesday. The tradition of the carnival is very old and goes back to the Germanic peoples. Back then, people dressed up in masks and animal skins. They celebrated to awaken the good spirits and welcome spring. In the Middle Ages, these traditions were carried over to Christianity. The word carnival has its origin in the name “Carnevale”, which translates as “meat, goodbye”. The German carnival season begins on November 11th at 11.11 a.m. and ends on Ash Wednesday. At the same time, this day marks the beginning of the six-week fast before Easter.

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