East Germany: Dissatisfaction with the political situation is growing

Political situation
Report: Dissatisfaction is growing, especially in East Germany

According to a survey, only 43 percent of people in East Germany believe that they can freely express their opinions without hesitation (symbol photo)

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“All in all satisfied” was only 31 percent of the people in the federal states of East Germany in the summer of this year. The issues that concern are freedom of expression and the economic situation.

According to a media report, dissatisfaction with the political situation is growing, especially in the eastern federal states. In the summer of 2022, only 31 percent of people were satisfied all in all, the portal “The Pioneer” reported on Friday, citing the new annual report on the status of German unity.

That was nine percent less than in 2020. In western countries, satisfaction was 44 percent, ten points less than two years earlier.

Only 26 percent of respondents in East Germany are satisfied with the federal government

The report is due to be officially released next week. According to “The Pioneer”, it contains the so-called Germany Monitor, a survey conducted by the Info Institute among around 4,000 people in East and West in July and August 2022. At the time, only 26 percent of those surveyed in the East were satisfied with the work of the federal government , compared to 42 percent in 2020.

Only 43 percent of East Germans and 58 percent of West Germans are of the opinion “that you can always express your opinion freely without getting into trouble”, compared to 50 and 63 percent respectively two years ago. Economically, the East is only very slowly catching up with the West, it was said.

The Eastern Commissioner for the left-wing faction in the Bundestag, Sören Pellmann, did not call the findings surprising. “This is just the beginning,” commented Pellmann. “Frustration and dissatisfaction can take on historic proportions, especially in the east in winter due to the price explosions.” Political unrest is conceivable. With social protests, the left wants to “steer dissatisfaction into democratic channels”.


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