Earthshot Prize: Is Prince William flying alone to Singapore?

Earthshot Prize
Is Prince William flying alone to Singapore?

Prince William and Princess Kate at the Earthshot Prize ceremony in Boston last year.

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Prince William is currently alone in the USA for the Earthshot Prize. Kate is also reportedly not accompanying him to Singapore in November.

There are busy days ahead for Prince William (41) in the USA. On the The Instagram channel of the royal and his wife, Princess Kate (41), shows William’s first impressions of New York, where he is involved in his environmental project Earthshot Prize. As had already been expected, William was according to one Report from the British Daily Mail arrived alone. And according to a media report, he will supposedly fly to the award ceremony in November without Kate.

People have to face change

In New York he found out, among other things, about the work of the “Billion Oyster Project”, which is restoring oyster reefs in New York Harbor. On September 19th, the prince is scheduled to take part in the Earthshot Prize Innovation Summit, where, among other things, the finalists for this year’s award ceremony will be announced.

In a message personally signed by him with the initial “W”, William, who visited Boston with Kate last year, is happy about his return to the USA – and illustrates the importance of the project. “It’s so good to be back in the United States,” he writes in a story. Nobody has as much optimism and ingenuity as the Americans, which is why it is only right to announce the finalists in New York.

“I know our generation can take the bold actions we need to create change toward a healthy and sustainable world,” the message continued. “The challenge may seem huge, but as John F. Kennedy taught us, we rise to the challenge not because it is easy, but because it is difficult. And vital.”

Even without Kate to Singapore?

The Earthshot Prize awards ceremony will take place in Singapore on November 7th. “Kate is not believed to be accompanying him,” one now says Article from the British Telegraph. The daily newspaper does not provide a precise reason for this assumption on its website. It was previously assumed that Kate would travel to Asia with William. But there were also reports that the two were probably no longer planning any longer, joint foreign tours because of their children – Prince George (10), Princess Charlotte (8) and Prince Louis (5).

With the help of the Earthshot Prize, founded by William in 2020, solutions to problems in the field of environmental protection are to be found. It is considered one of Williams’ favorite environmental projects. Five award winners will be honored at the awards each year until 2030. The winners will each receive prize money of one million pounds to advance their ideas.


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