During the debate for the green primary, the candidates try to differentiate themselves on the decrease

Discussions continue to help the Greens decide between their representative in the 2022 presidential election. Candidates for the ecological primary have thus tried to mark their difference on the issue of degrowth, Wednesday at the second public debate broadcast on LCI.

The five protagonists, which registered voters will be able to decide in the first round between September 16 and 19, will debate again on Friday. Voters will then choose between the finalists from September 25 to 28.

For Batho, ecology rhymes with decrease

For the deputy of Deux-Sèvres Delphine Batho, “there is no serious ecological policy without decrease”. “It is no longer basing decisions on the obsession with increasing the GDP, and replacing it with social health indices, by the level of education, by reductions in greenhouse gas emissions” , she explained.

But for the former number 2 of EELV, Sandrine Rousseau, “degrowth without a social project, without a project to reform taxation and massive reduction of inequalities, without financial market control, without border protectionism , it does not exist “. “The subject is the sharing of wealth and the exit from accumulation and concentration in which we have locked ourselves”, she insisted, defending “the tax as a major tool of solidarity in a society”.

Rethinking the use of GDP

Eric Piolle, the mayor of Grenoble, for his part stressed that he was not “a fan of the term degrowth”, believing that the GDP was “not the right indicator” for public policies. “Having a car accident is good for growth,” he lamented.

Given the favorite of the primary by polls, MEP Yannick Jadot underlined the importance of having indicators “which calculate our prosperity, not just our enrichment, but the ability of the most vulnerable to live with dignity, health and environment “. But “what matters is not to have a theoretical debate, it is to explain how ecology responds to everyday problems”.

Governatori says no to cannabis

Finally, Jean-Marc Governatori, centrist candidate, for his part defended the idea of ​​”having a human activity compatible with the biosphere”. He also expressed his difference with his competitors on electric cars, which he considers “a scourge” and also opposed the legalization of cannabis, which the other four candidates defend.

What would be their first steps as president? Governatori would launch a major public debate on education, Jadot would get out of factory farming, Batho would issue a decree to ban pesticides, Piolle would launch a referendum to include in the constitution the climate and environmental guarantee and the referendum of citizens’ initiative, and Rousseau would make a pact of social and ecological dignity with in particular a minimum income of 850 euros. In less than a month, they will know which vision has convinced the most.

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