Duchess Kate is said to have had a strategy to marry Prince William

“Waity Katie”
Duchess Kate is said to have had a strategy to marry Prince William

Duchess Kate and Prince Williams on the day of their graduation ceremony at St Andrews University in June 2005

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Kate Middleton is said to have had a long-winded plan to convince Prince William, according to royal expert Tina Brown in her current book.

It’s been over twenty years, in 2001, since Kate and William began dating privately. They met at the University of St. Andrews. But the future royal couple only got married ten years later, in 2011. In her book “The Palace Papers: Inside The House Of Windsor – The Truth And The Turmoil”, the author Tina Brown explains the patient plan that Kate Middleton is said to have pursued.

Like a computer game with many “snakes, ladders and trap doors”, Brown describes the path of the former Kate Middleton to the Duchess of Cambridge at Prince William’s side. The future wife was patient for nine years until the engagement and the first official video interview of the couple came in 2010. Prince William once mentioned in an interview that their relationship started on the basis of friendship. But Brown also says in her book that the path from girlfriend to wife of a future king was not easy for the young woman.

Despite their split in 2007, Kate Middleton stuck with it

Tina Brown describes this decade as an obstacle course. She told The Post that Kate “took a lot of care and strategy to end up married to William.” In metaphorical game language, she could have “entered a wrong field at any time and encountered a snake.”

In the engagement interview at the time, the prince said: “When I first met Kate, I knew there was something very special about her. I knew that I might want to find out.” While at university, Prince William tried to impress his then-girlfriend by making “amazing fancy dinners”. Nevertheless, there was a brief separation of the dream couple in 2007. However, they got back together.

The couple celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary last year. The patience that “Waity Katie” had shown, as she was called by the press at the time, apparently paid off.

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