DSDS: Katja Krasavice shoots against Dieter Bohlen: “My ass is more relevant”

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Katja Krasavice shoots against Dieter Bohlen: “My ass is more relevant than any of your superstars”

Katja Krasavice at a concert. She is now unpacking against Dieter Bohlen.

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Dieter Bohlen’s sexism scandal at “DSDS” is spreading. Now fellow juror Katja Krasavice also takes a stand – in the form of a specially written diss track.

Ouch, that was not well received by the candidate and the fans: When reality star Jill Lange (“Are you the One”, “Ex on the Beach”) wanted to test her singing talent on DSDS, Dieter Bohlen was not the only one harsh criticism, but also sayings below the belt.

RTL looked at comments like “Did you do anything sensible, i.e. normal? Or did you just graduate and then let yourself be noodled through?” initially no problem and broadcast it on its own streaming portal, but later rowed back after strong criticism and pulled out the scissors for the TV broadcast.

Now there is further criticism towards Bohlen – and it comes directly from the jury bench. Fellow juror Katja Krasavice had already interfered during the casting and contradicted Bohlen when Jill Lange asked if she had had anything with several men: “Above all, ‘deal with it’, as if it were something bad.” Apparently, the topic was not yet completely worked out for them, because now Krasavice followed up with a specially composed diss track on Tiktok.

In the short music video on her account with 2.9 million followers, she picks up on Bohlen’s sayings from the show, raps among other things “You’re wearing your slutshaming again as usual” – and about herself: “Stuffed through without Abitur”. Then she shoots Dieter Bohlen directly with the words “My ass is more relevant than any of your German superstars”. An allusion to the fact that “DSDS” has not yet found a real superstar even in the 20th year of broadcasting.

By the way, Katja Krasavice also answers in her song why she is on the jury herself, which she is now criticizing so severely: “I’m not on the jury for a few 100k, but to defend bitches, that’s it.” Whether that was really the only motivation – who knows. In any case, it remains exciting in the current season of “DSDS” – both in front of and behind the jury panel.

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