Drug scandal at the Munich police: Two other officers charged – Munich

In the drug scandal at the Munich police, the public prosecutor’s office has brought two more charges. Two suspended officials are to be tried at the district court for, among other things, the persecution of innocent people and unsworn false statements, as the Munich I public prosecutor announced on Friday. They are said to have falsely stated that they had been attacked.

According to the district court, it was still unclear when the negotiations should take place. The legal processing of the scandal that shook the Munich Presidium is currently in full swing. Only on Wednesday did the district court sentence an ex-policeman, who not only smoked coke and pot but also gave the Hitler salute in a beer garden, to a fine. The court has already sentenced another defendant to two years and six months’ imprisonment and another to three years’ imprisonment. A fourth received a fine.

Overall, “Soko Nightlife” investigated 37 police officers and 23 other suspects. With the new indictment, the public prosecutor’s investigations have largely been completed. According to a spokeswoman for the public prosecutor’s office, 15 preliminary investigations were stopped, three more against payment of money. One procedure was referred “to the path of private prosecution”. In eight cases, the public prosecutor’s office brought charges, in 12 cases they applied for a penalty order with “sometimes very high fines,” as the spokeswoman emphasized.

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